Bill LevettIt’s a sad day at Little Charingworth today as Hipp has gone to his new home. I have mixed emotions about this as I’m very pleased that he is retiring sound and happy, and he’s going to a lovely home to do a bit of dressage and have some fun. However I’m very sad that he is leaving and that I won’t get to ride him anymore. He’s given me so much and the Leggetts have been such great supporters of me with Hipp and before that Fred.

It feels like the end of an era. However nothing stays the same forever and it was the right decision for the horse. I owe a lot to Vera, Alec, Sarah and Roger for giving me the opportunity firstly with Fred and then latterly with Hipp – it’s been a roller coast ride but that’s horses, and we’ve had more good times than bad.



Posted 14th December

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