Bill LevettThis morning we made the brave decision to drive 4 hours up north to¬†Richmond one day event in search of decent ground and a nice intermediate¬†cross country course. It was an early start with Emily and Poppy on the yard¬†at 2 o’clock and myself coming out at 3 to set off. We were not disappointed¬†despite my mutterings as we trucked up the M1!

Today saw Silver, Monty and Alex doing another intermediate run. The courses always seem to be a bit bigger up north to me, and this course had plenty to do, both in size and technicalities.

Silver was the only one to jump a¬†double clear. Monty had an unlucky two rails in the show jumping but for a 6¬†year old jumps all the cross country questions easily. Alex was a little bit¬†fresh in the dressage, then jumped a lovely show jump round and if it wasn’t¬†for me getting a distance wrong he would of jumped a lovely cross country¬†too. Unfortunately he picked up 20 penalties as I wasn’t going to get the¬†distance I wanted, so I pulled him off the corner.

I went slow on all the horses today as the ground was slightly on the firm¬†side, however it was even and they had tried to work on it. The show¬†jumping tracks were on an all weather surface and upto height, the warm up¬†and dressage arenas weren’t on the flattest bit of land which was the only¬†downside of the event.

The only other horse we brought up to Richmond was Dotty for one of the¬†novice sections, and she again showed she is maturing by jumping a nice¬†double clear. Other than the fact that it’s nearly 4 hours away, it would¬†definitely be an event worth going back to.

Can you tell I’m now stuck on the M1 trying to get home!



Posted 30th August

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