Weston – Dressage

Bill LevettWell here I am at Weston on a cold day. Alex did his dressage today and although it was not his best test he certainly did not let me down and scored a 46.8 to lie in 2nd after the first day. There were a couple of little mistakes but not a lot wrong. He is so sensitive and still gets anxious, but I hope in time all will become more established.

The Cross Country course is 9 min 30 with some good hills so it should test stamina. In terms of the course there are a lot of nice galloping fences with a couple of funny lines: one at fence 3 off a sharp turn over a big table, 3 long strides to a skinny. It seems like it could be a bit of a fiddle. Then the water seems a bit odd and not a combination that will flow: one very long stride to an angled log into the water then out of the water and a sharp left turn up an awkward bank to a skinny – but I will wait and see.



Posted 11th October

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