Cross Country Schooling With The ‘Big Boys’

Bill LevettToday saw me at Swalcliffe with Alex, Alfie, Silks and Womble for a spot of cross country schooling – we didn’t need to do much as it’s just really a ‘taster’ to remind them what it’s all about. I personally feel people can get over excited with the cross country schooling side of things with more experienced horses – I don’t think they need to be jumped overly big, I just think they need to jump a few more challenging lines, get their eye in over some skinnies and get their feet wet.

Luckily we had an uneventful day with no need for a change of clothes and no lost shoes – always a relief at this time of year, in particular as falling off in the drink at this time of year is pretty unpleasant and extra cold, not something I cope well with even after all these years!



Posted 28th February

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