Badminton Cross Country Day

Bill Levett and Shannondale Titan, Badminton 2014Well it’s been a long and busy day at Badminton so I will keep this brief and send a fuller update tomorrow.

As predicted it wasn’t a dressage competition with trouble all over the course and a large number of people not finishing. The conditions were testing with gale force winds, soft ground underfoot and a beefed up track.

Sadly it wasn’t Silks day: we made it around to fence 18,  the Vicarage Vee, which is more than many but he wasn’t happy and confident on the course – he’s pulled up sound and well and we will have a think about what next and re route accordingly. At least we have a sound and fit horse for another day  – although I was desperate to have a good result for Charlotte and Francis, but I believe his day will come.

Alfie went brilliantly – I didn’t hurry him around but he went really, really well – jumping confidently and effortlessly around the track. He took it in his stride. Now admittedly I took some of the pace off which makes life easier as I wanted him to have a confident round given the conditions. We had one ‘moment’ which was completely my fault early on but other than that everything went really well and I enjoyed the ride round.



Posted 10th May

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