Safely Home

WombleWe had a relatively uneventful trip home from Luhmuhlen and I was very grateful to Pella for her help in sharing the driving load with me. We arrived home late morning and Womble is now happily eating and resting in the paddock, enjoying ‘being a horse’.

Sadly I had no such luck! There was a frenzy of activity, unpacking the lorry and I also rode a couple of horses on the flat before heading off to the airport to pick up my folks who are coming over for the next month or so – I’m sat in the coffee shop waiting for them to come through customs as I write this.

I still feel like an excited little boy each time I wait for their arrival at Heathrow. One of the sacrifices I feel I have made to pursue my career as an event rider against the best competition in the world is that I’ve been based so far away from my family for the last 15 years or so. However I’m lucky in that they  both still have their health and can still travel over and stay with us for big chunks of the year.

This week sees me training the horses at home and doing some teaching ahead of competing at Salperton  – one of my favourite (and local) events, with Gus and Sparkles doing the Novice, Dotty and Silver the Intermediate and Silks and Alfie doing the Advanced Intermediate  – although Alfie wont run XC as the event comes slightly too early in the context of his autumn focus and goal of Burghley.



Posted 16th June

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