Groom For The Day

Team LevettToday has been an unusual day for me as I spent the morning grooming for Jenny at Stafford HT. It was nice to spend time together in a very low key way at an event – it reminded me of many, many years ago when we first met!

Stafford is a lovely horse trials, well run with an old fashioned feel (in a good way – this is a compliment!), nice courses with lots of variety and they’d worked hard on ground.

Anyway grooming is definitely not my strong point, I will be sticking to riding and coaching for sure! However Jenny had a good day out, having her first run for two years. I’m so happy for her that the Prentices have kindly loaned her Ricky to ride and have fun with. Ricky is loving his new ‘polo life style’ and Jenny is loving have a horse with so much experience thanks to my brilliant training hahaha!

Anyway we’ve had a good day out, Ricky came third and they jumped a nice double clear.

Home now to ride a couple and take the big boys hill trotting in the cool of the evening – an important part of their core fitness.



Posted 12th July

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