A Pleasant Surprise!

May-RankingsThose of you that know me well know I’m a whizz with a computer, not! So I thought you’d all be pleased to know I stumbled across the horse and rider BE rankings for 2015, ably assisted by my son (age 10) and was pleasantly surprised to see Alfie (Shannondale Titan) is currently ranked 9th in the horse rankings which is very much deserved, and his performances – aided by the rest of the team – have allowed me to match Alfie and squeak in to the top 10 rider rankings at 9th.

Let’s hope we can hold our position as the rest of the season unfolds. I’m currently planning the horses competition goals through to the end of the season which feels bizarre in many ways, as it feels like no time since the season began – time flies when having so much fun I guess!



Posted 1st June

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