The Trot Up – We’ve Started!

Bill LevettWell we’re off! I’ve just finished riding both of the horses after the trot up. All went well at the trot up which is always a relief and the horses have worked well this evening.


It’s always good to get started and today has been a busy day. The horses had a good hack this morning and then a few picks of grass to try and mirror their routine at home as best as possible.

Then it was time for the riders briefing at lunchtime followed by walking the course. First impressions are that, unsurprisingly, there is a lot to do out there on the cross country. The ground is on the firm side but you can see that they’ve been watering it and the rain that is forecast will help.

The cross country is just over eleven and a half minutes and there’s a lot of galloping and jumping from start to finish. I’ve wheeled it to work out where the minute markers are and the time I think will be influential. I’ll have a second walk tomorrow and at that point I’ll let you know my Bill Levettthoughts on particular fences, the Colt Pond for sure is going to take some jumping.


I’ve got two very different horses to ride, both on the flat but particularly jumping cross country, so I have to take the time to walk the course imagining what will suit each horse as there are definitely fences on the course which will be more or less challenging for each horse as each has its quirks/different way of going.

I’ve got dressage with Tim late tomorrow morning and then Hipp on Saturday afternoon. So lots to do over the next couple of days.



Posted 29th April

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