The First Event of the Season: Checklist

Despite the many years I’ve been at this game when the beginning of the season comes around I’m always rusty in remembering what to take/do for an event. Several years ago Jenny and I wrote down ‘things not to forget’ … Continue reading

Planning Your Eventing Season

I use the following approach to make a plan for any horse: 1. Think about the overall goal(s) for a horse for the season In settling upon a goal for a horse for the coming season I will reflect on … Continue reading

My Favourite Bits Of Tack

Every rider I know has bits of tack that they favour. I know I do, and if I’m honest these then tend to change over time as I try new things as tack evolves, but also based on the expansion … Continue reading

Essentials Of A Horse MOT

At Little Charingworth we tend to routinely ensure all of the horses are regularly checked over, I liken it to checking the oil, water and tyre pressure on the car on an ongoing basis. As a basic rule of thumb … Continue reading

Horse Holidays

When it comes to the end of the season and what to do with your horse in terms of a holiday, I would encourage you to put as much thought in to what is best for the horse for this … Continue reading

Top Coffee Destinations – A Trucker’s Guide

Crucial information for a season on the road if you are based in the Cotswolds! 1. Charlie the Coffeeman – without doubt by far and away number 1 in my ranking. In fact Jenny has been known to nap at … Continue reading

The ‘Right’ Cross Country Speed

The two most common mistakes I see people make when riding cross country are: 1. Going too fast, galloping in what appears to be a full tilt canter/gallop with little control and little rebalancing before fences and relying on the … Continue reading

How To Ride Steps Effectively

Going Up! It’s quite hard for a horse to jump up steps, particularly if you are going too fast. So take your time to get organised before jumping up a step or set of steps. Get the horse back into … Continue reading

Some Simple Feeding Guide Lines

Feed Size The new concept of feeding hard feed is to feed little and often rather than big feeds less often. The reasoning behind this is that the horse’s stomach is actually small in comparison to the rest of its … Continue reading

Products We Cannot Live Without

1.    Talcum powder  – we get many odd stares in Boots or the supermarket as we buy talcum in bulk. It’s a very useful product whether it be for using on the inside of xc boots, or on a horse’s … Continue reading